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February 7, 2014


Buying a new truck is a big decision. It is important to realize that you do not have to sacrifice energy efficiency for your new vehicle. There are a few trucks that offer better fuel economy that you should be aware of. GMC Sierra Hybrid/Chevy Silverado Hybrid These trucks are sister trucks, meaning that they are made with the same […]


Energy efficient driving is driving in a manner that uses as little gas as possible. This is an effective way to keep your fuel costs lower. If you want to drive more efficiently there are a few things you should think about. Plan Your Trips One of the best ways to cut down on fuel is to plan your trips […]


Even though gas prices may not be what they were a few years ago, for many people gas prices are still putting a strain on their budget. This is why you should take some efforts to save money on your gas expenses. There are a few things you should think about before hitting the pump again. Use Phone Apps There […]

Going green: the two words that seem to have become prevailing buzzwords these days. You already use the energy efficient light bulbs, and you keep the house set no lower than 78 in the summer time. There’s plenty more you can do though, at least in terms of your car. Fuel efficient driving is an important part of being able […]

January 10, 2014

Over the years, plenty of mandates have promised the American public that gas prices would never rise above a certain level. First it was that gasoline would never exceed 1.00 a gallon (made during the Nixon administration), and then it was that the United States will never import as much oil as it did in 1977 (during the Carter administration). […]

It’s finally time. You need a new car, and you’ve decided to get on board with this fuel efficient, go-green movement. Now that you’ve made your decision to be more aware of your car and how it affects the environment, you want to know how to pick a car that will meet your environmental needs. Fortunately there are a few […]


You’d be surprised to know how much you’d actually save up on fuel if you just bothered to learn a few tricks. Most of these “tricks” are extremely obvious options, but because they’re so obvious, most people end up neglecting them. The following are tips on how to practice energy efficient driving: Efficient Driving – It feels good to drive […]


Fuel efficiency, sometimes also known as ‘fuel economy’, is the amount of fuel spent relative to the distance traveled by a vehicle. The most common type of fuel efficient vehicles is hybrids. Because of today’s state of economy, it is understandable why so many vehicle-owners (or would-be vehicle-owners) want to be efficient with their fuel usage. In this article, we’ll […]

Carbon Dioxide

Fuel is a staple in any man’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer, a businessman, a desk clerk, a fast food worker or whatever – surely, one way or another, you’re using fuel to do something. Fuel is the primary source of energy in the USA alone, obviously not accounting for other countries. Having said that, it’s high […]

Shell gas gift cards can be purchased for different occasions and for different people dear to you, including friends, family members, employees, managers, children (in case they have a license to drive), parents, and so on. But they can also buy them for your own personal gratification or satisfaction. Shell gas gift cards offer a lot of conveniences because they […]